Up next – our roof

Our giant trusses were put in place last week, with the help of a very large crane. We are moving along at a speedy pace and will be ready for the roof and windows very soon! Please drop by for a look and check out our progress!



Better and better

When trying to describe our landscaping vision to the many brides-to-be, we have found it difficult to put into words just how amazing it is going to look.  Well, it is going to be a lot easier now that our amazing landscaper, Jamie from Olthia, has prepared a conceptual master plan which we have just uploaded onto our website.  Jamie has some incredible ideas to make our landscape very unique.  Her landscaping master plan sets out 15 different one-of-a-kind “destinations” that you can take your photos and/or have a smaller ceremony if you want to get married with the horizon as your altar.  These include the The Wildflower Meadow, Coneflower Cove, the Sparrow Swing, Daybreak Ridge, Gracie’s Gulch and Juniper Glen, just to name a few.  Please take a look and get a bird’s eye view of our property and all we have to offer you on your special day!