The Wedding Era

Didn’t weddings seem a little clichéd once upon a time? Yeah, we think so too. However, it’s safe to say social media, a.k.a. Pinterest, has changed that. Access to such a pool of creativity has changed the wedding scene as we know it. Weddings are no longer doomed to fluffs of pink, the same ol’ ceremony and pictures and yada yada yada. Weddings are now unique, FUN, and downright creative.

Sparrow is thrilled to participate in this new era of weddings. We want to help the couple, their families, and their friends throw the perfect wedding they will never forget… or want to forget.

P.S. Sparrow has taken this a step further and offers a unique bonus: We have a large inventory of wedding décor available to the couple to use as they please. Come check it out!



Meet Gracie!
Gracie is one of Sparrow’s adorable mascots. She is likely to be found sleeping on anything soft. Come say hello anytime! (Treats always welcome)


Sparrow’s first photo shoot

The gang having a great time during the photo shoot.

Things are really starting to come together! The family went out to the property and took some pictures for the website. Here is a sample of the hundreds of photos that were taken. It was an incredibly humid and dreary day but we had a blast!


Allow us to introduce ourselves

Susan Hartford, (aka mama) bringing out the chandelier.

My mom, sisters and I have always been pretty close. Here we are, Susan (the beautiful one with the black hat), Shelby, Jessica, and Katie, (shown in the picture below our lovely mother).

Take out the hormone-filled teen years, and our relationships would be material for an inspiring novel. It’s no surprise, to me, that we ended up starting a business together. Most of the time, I hear cautionary and terrifying tales of family-run businesses. I get a warning or an incredulous eyebrow raise almost every time that I mention it. Even so, we are doing it, leaving the naysayers in the dust!

So, let me tell you a bit about our newest adventure. My mom had the brilliant idea of opening a venue when she began researching them for my two younger sisters, Shelby and Katie. With both of them planning to get married, venues were a top priority. I think she fell in love with the idea when she saw what they could do. They had the capacity to make every bride and groom’s dreams come true. The love and happiness that happens in those venues will be a part of those couple’s lives forever and I think that she wanted to help that happen.

Fast forward a few months and here we are. We’ve collaborated with architects, web designers, landscapers, and every Jim, bob, and Harry that gave us their two cents to make Sparrow a reality. Our goal is to provide a beautiful place for people to make memories that will last a lifetime.

The three of us girls: “(from left to right) Shelby Howerton, Jessica Sutton, and Katie Barlow.